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Offset UV Machines, Compounds and Dryers

UV printing is more profitable than conventional offset printing, as it is more expensive. UV printing is primarily a strategic decision that allows a person to access new parts of the market and buyers. In the packaging sector, which is a major part of the market, those who are willing to pay extra for the UV printing capabilities and the effects that it produces are potential customers.
The role of Uvy's value-added value by increasing the variety of print products and using various designs on different print surfaces (such as various effects and metallic printing, printing on a variety of foils and plastics, as well as a variety of opaque and shiny coatings). The end of the work is determined. In this way, it can be said that UV offset printing with a print on a wide range of different surfaces and sexes has a significant added value.

Combination types and their drying method

How to dry the ink in a variety of print methods is very important. In ordinary offset printing with common compounds, compound drying occurs through its oxidation and in the vicinity of ambient air, which depends on the nature of the compound and its formulation. In this method of printing, the composites require a drying time depending on the type of ink and the surface to be printed and the environment.
On the one hand, it is possible to mention compounds that are slightly accelerated by exposure to infrared rays (Infra Red). Of course, base water compositions as well as base water veneers are used in this method. It should be noted that these compositions are also dry after a certain amount of time, but occasionally due to the large amount of ink on the print surface, operators use IR lamps to accelerate drying and prevent backing. use. It should be noted that printers sometimes believe that each ink can be used for printing with an IR dryer system, but if the compound is not water base, not only does it not dry up But the result will be the result of the image.
Another generation of composites that are commercially available commercially several years ago are UV compounds that are dried up by UV bulbs.


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