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Tejarat Eram

Donyaye Tejarat e Eram company has been the exclusive representative of Italy Colorgraph company in Iran since 1391.

With the purpose of supplying high quality products in fair prices and permanent presence and after specialized examinations and probe on several European products, eventually this company put negotiation with Cartograph on its agenda and in 1393 succeeded to acquire the exclusive agency.
During this period, Donyaye Tejarat e Eram company could have introduced a noticeable part of Colorgraph products to Iran 's market. We hope to have a small share in quality promotion of printing products in Iran by offering products suitable and competent for our respected customers and colleagues in the country 's printing idustry.


Colorgraf was founded in 1951 from the will power, the courage, vision and the skills of Enrico Pellegrini. In 1962, thanks to the excellent results achieved, Colorgraf moved to Lainate and a new manufacturing plant inspired by the most modern industrial standards was built. During the 70s started the development of the UV technology for graphic arts, but in 1978 the founder of Colorgraf passed away unexpectedly. His sons Paolo and Guido with the crucial support of “Aunt Maria” and highly reliable collaborators were able to continue the company growth. At the eve of its 60th anniversary the Company decide to implement another significant expansion of its manufacturing plant. Today Colorgraf is looking to the future and its challenges with the third generation of the Pellegrini Family still in command.


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